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Canon Rebel T4i Crash Course with Photography and Video School- 2 DVDs in one! 3.5 hours of Lessons!
Learn more about the lessons on this amazing comprhensive Photography and Video Training DVD:

Award winning instructor and professional wedding photographer Michael Andrew takes you on a step-by-step tour of both digital photography and the Canon Rebel T4i in this limited edition training DVD. Michael Andrew’s tutorials simplify digital photography and shows students how to take amazing photographs. Michael blends technical competence with artistic fundamentals in these truly awesome one-on-one lessons.

If you are new to the Canon System, this is one of the most complete DVDs available for the Canon Rebel T4i. It is specifically for beginning and intermediate photographers who have little or no experience with photography and are looking to improve their images. This DVD crash course training guide offers the tips, tricks and skills necessary to immediately see results in your photographs!

Michael's videos are unique because he assumes you have no photography training at all. It's not enough to simply know how to operate the camera. There are three foundations you must have to become a successful photographer: 1. Photography fundamentals 2. Artistic Fundamentals (which in photography is called "Composition"). 3. Knowing how to operate your camera, in this case the Canon EOS Canon Rebel T4i. Michael will teach you all three in great detail, and then show you how to put them all together in his Portrait Crash Course. He will then guide you through the extensive menu system, including which options to change, and why some settings are useless.

Finally, Michael will then cover everything wonderful this little Rebel can do with video, from your live view settings, to video theory, video shooting, why DSLRs are great for video (as well as problems you might encounter) and even a video workflow crash course. Bang for your buck, there isn't a more comprhensive, complete set of video lessons all on one DVD.

Learn more about the lessons on this amazing 3.5 hour DVD:

What viewers are saying:

"Wow. Just. Wow. I think I've learned more about photography in this video than in all the books and manuals I've read to date. This is not to mention what I've learned about my new T4i. Those buttons and settings actually MEAN something! Michael is a great teacher and this video walks you through the basics and so much more. I was looking to learn 'how' to operate this camera. What I learned was 'why'. And that is knowledge that can be applied to any camera, any situation, any picture. Many thanks and keep teaching - you're great at it!" David Shores

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