Sample Video Lesson: Movie Digital Zoom Tutorial
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Canon EOS Rebel T4i Video DVD Lessons

Congratulations! You hold in your hands the Canon EOS Rebel T4i, an amazing piece of photographic equipment. It has a tremendous amount of features and will serve you faithfully for years if you take good care of it.

You have come to the right place. If you are here, you are probably looking to get more out of your Canon Rebel. Michael Andrew is not only an expert at simple explainations, he has been using Canon EOS series lenses for nearly five years! He is familiar with the Canon 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 5D, 5Dii, 7D, XT, XTi, XSi, T1i, T2i, T3i and now the T4i. He knows these cameras inside and out, and even better, all of the pictures you see on his websites and on the DVD were taken with these cameras. What this means is, if you know what he knows and are willing to practice, you too can take exactly the same types of pictures. Michael is excited to teach you in a very simple manner, exactly what all those buttons do, and how to get the camera to do what you want. (Looking for the Canon T4i Crash Course Tutorial Download? Click Here!)

Sample Video Lesson: T4i External Buttons Tutorial

    Sample Video Lesson: T4i Touch Screen Review



Canon Rebel T4i Lesson topics include:

Set Up

  1. Installing your battery, flash card, and lens
  2. Date and Time Set Up

Button Review- External buttons and their operation

  1. Shutter Button
  2. Main Dial
  3. Shooting Mode Selector
  4. Depth of Field Preview Button
  5. Menu Button
  6. Playback button
  7. Delete Button
  8. Display
  9. Picture Styles
  10. Directional Pad
  11. Exposure Lock Button
  12. AF Selector
  13. LCD Light
  14. LCD Control Buttons, Metering, White Balance, AF control selector, Drive Selector, ISO, Flash Compensation Selector.


Shooting Modes:

All Basic Modes
      - Full Automatic Mode
      - Portrait Mode
      - Landscape Mode
      - Macro Mode
      - Sports Mode
      - No Flash Mode

All Creative Modes
      - Program Mode
      - Tv- Shutter Priority Mode
      - Av- Aperture Priority Mode
      - M- Manual Mode
      - A-Dep Mode

Exposure Tutorial- How to Control your Canon T4i

  1. Changing your settings in the creative modes.
  2. Exposure Compensation
  3. Exposure Lock
  4. Blowing out highlights




Changing LCD Info Settings-

- ISO, AF Drives, Shooting Modes

White Balance Training
       - Auto White Balance
       - Sun White Balance
       - Shade White Balance
       - Cloud Cover White Balance
       - Incandescent White Balance
       - Fluorescent White Balance
       - Custom White Balance

Metering Mode Tutorial
       - Evaluative Mode
       - Spot Mode
       - Center Weighted Metering
       - Partial Metering Mode

- How to Focus with your SLR
- Custom Set Ups, Including Picture Style Settings
- Built in Flash
- Flash Exposure Lock


All images Copyright Michael Andrew Photography 2012

Questions? Email Michael: shiffler(at), or visit my Photography Forum!